TIPS to Pack Your Bedroom by LEO Packers

Nov 10, 20177

It’s a common belief that moving is the most stressful and tiring task, but if you follow or simple tips, your packing process will become just as, a day out. We packers and movers in Delhi understand that, trying to pack all your precious goods into boxes is not at all a simple task. Shifting is one of the reason people don’t prefer to shift their house more frequently, and stay in the same house even if they need to relocate.

But you are fortune as today LEO packers and movers in Delhi would share with you our immense experience to ensure a smooth shifting and packing of your valuable belongings.

It is very important to do necessary arrangements, before you start packing your goods.

  • Small and big size Packing boxes/cartons
  • Good quality Packing paper.
  • Fine quality Packing tape
  • Chisel-tip or felt-tip markers
While packing your bedroom article please ensure that the following points has to be done
  • Use wardrobe carton to pack your goods, so the cloths would remain arrive wrinkle-free and in this way the cloths would remain ready to hang. Each and every wardrobe carton can hold about two and half feet of compressed clothing of yours with hangers. If in case you are not using your wardrobe cartons, than remove all clothes from the hangers and decently fold them and keep them into the boxes.
  • Remove and properly fold pillowcases, bed sheets, cartons, and towels into  using  packing paper and keep them into the boxes.
  • Bedroom is full of small home appliances clocks, alarm clocks, statues or radios we packers and movers Delhi suggest you to pack the goods individually using crushed packing paper.
  • Pack books properly while keeping the spine down. Make sure to use small boxes, as large carton would become too heavy to carry.
  • Wrap all of the framed pictures one by one using good quality packing paper makes them standing on their edge in the box. Extra gap should be filled using packing paper so that goods not get damaged.
  • Pack your mattress in a specially designed mattress carton, (just ask us for one), to protect your mattress from dirt and damage during the move.
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