Great tips to from Leo packers while transporting your goods to another location

May 12, 2018

When we move to a new city, the biggest challenge is to transport the expensive goods of our house to that new home safely.  Many times we think to leave behind all our goods, which are really a scary thought, especially when we have a vehicle weather car or bike. It is always good to take your vehicle with you in the new city, to buy a new car require a big amount of money,  so whenever you are planning to shift in a new city, it is always advisable to take your car with you.
Leo packers and movers in Delhi, considered the best car shifting company, and they can help you to shift your vehicle to your desired location.

Below we are sharing with you the most important 5 tips which you should keep in mind while transporting your car.
Items other than car is not allowed to shift: One thing which is standard, among all the shifting solution companies is that it does not allow to carry the personal belonging with the car. You should not carry items like documents , clothing , photograph,  jewellery or any other personal belonging are totally restricted to transport  with your car. Make sure that you check your car thoroughly and ensure weather something is left inside the car or not. Leo is the best Movers and Packers in Delhi for shifting household goods.

Washing of car is mandatory:  When you shift your car from one location to another location, it is mandatory that the dust would settle to your car. It is necessary that you give your car a pre shipping wash and clean it, make sure that you hand over your car in a better condition. This way you would get an idea about the current position of your new car. You would easily spot the damage if anything accrues while shifting your car from one location to another location.

Take a look, at your insurance:  opting for car insurance before transportation. Make sure that the insurance covers all the damages and potential harms.

Keep all your records: Make sure to check all the damages and if possible click the photograph of all the sections of your car prior to the shipping of your car to the new location.

Take all the costing details: There are many companies who provides car carrier services, every company offers different prices and services, so it is very important to read all of them very carefully as well as the terms attached with them.

Do hire Leo packers and movers Delhi to shift your car or any other vehicle from one location to another location. They have multiple specially designed trucks to carry your precious cars to your new destination. You need not to worry about the safety of your car, as we wrap them with best quality packing material, and then carry them to the new location using our specially designed trucks.

You can Email us or make a call to us to explain us about your packing and moving requirement.

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