How much it is important to tip,hired packers and movers.

April 30, 2018

When one hires the shifting solution company, one thing which always cross our mind is whether to tip or not to tip to the movers. And if it is required to tip and it is important than the big question is to how much tip to them. It became really important to reward the team, who does their work in a proficient manner.

Today through this blog we would suggest you few suggestions to understand you how much you should tip and when to tip. Hire Leo Packers and Movers in Delhi for economic and fast delivery of goods.

What is the right time to Tip your packers and movers.
This is a fact that we tip as per the excellence of the work. If the movers are working and performing their duties correctly, then do not stop your hand to tip them. But if you feel that, their work attitude is not correct, than no need to tip them.

Make sure that you show the straight forward attitude to them, where you reward them if they work in. Make sure if the team, has done the work like lifting heavy articles, going up and down regularly without showing any tantrum than make sure that
You tip them directly rather than you tip the organisation.

What amount you should Tip them
That completely depends on to the work they have done, how proficiently they have done   and most importantly the amount which your pocket allow you to pay them. If they have done the packing work in a mannerthat it reaches to your Destination safely, and your house is in the third floor and the up down of oneself is required all the time. The thumb role to tipping is to offer them the amount which 5 % to 10% of the total cost of theShifting which you are agreed to pay the shifting company; they further divided by all the team members.

You can give the cash to one person, in front of all other team members, and then you can supervise and make sure that the person has distributed the amount equally among all the team members. If you our experience is not at all
Good with the packing and moving company then no need to pay them any extra amount

Arrangement of refreshment.
Whether you are tipping the moving team or not, it is out of humanity, become your responsibility that you should offer them some good refreshment or food.  You should arrange for them, things to drinkLike in winters you can offer them Tea, coffee and in summers cold drinks are the best option to offer. You can order or make sandwiches,samosa, pizza, snacks etc. which you can easily make available for them. This will surely encourage them to work in a professional manner and I assure you that your shifting experience would be the most amazing shifting experience.

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